Lights / Dimmer Triggers (LastSceneID) & Dimming Variables

Hi Rigpapa,

Firstly, thank you for your help some time ago setting a complicated timer - it has worked flawlessly and I am in awe of the logic you used!

I have a further query about Reactor as I have not been able to figure the best way to do the following couple of changes and was wondering if you might be able to advise.

  1. I use Fibaro FGD211/212 dimmer light controllers and have hard wired standard PIR ceiling motion sensors into them, so that when they detect motion they change the devices LastSceneId to 22. Ideally every time this is triggered, it would restart a timer and the lights would stay on for say 10 minutes. Thus if there is continuous movement, the timer is continously reset to 10 minutes. Because of the devicetype, DelayLight doesn’t work as an input and I am not sure how to set a timer that works in this way.

  2. I would also like to define a global variable for the dimming level, so I can change the dimming level depending on the time of the day, say 6-8pm 100%, 8-10pm 75% etc. I can only see how a numeric value can be used in Reactor for this, can that field refer to a global variable? Can this be overridden per room subsequently, i.e. set a lower/higher dimming level per room during these times, and when I set this, the lights come on at the predefined dimming level, or set level if it differs.

Thanks again for your help.

Interesting didn’t know you could do that.

Can you share how you wired in / connected the PIR motion sensors to the Fibaro Dimmer 2 module?

It’s just emulating a button. I have a couple around the house, to avoid batteries and/or for a better style than the cheapo ones based on Zwave.

I do the same. Best solution I could come up with is a reactor sensor that detects lights on and then sets the required light level. Disadvantage is that there is a little delay to go to the desired dim level. I did have an other solution to set the max dim level at each interval start time using a SendData action.

As therealdb mentioned, the output of the PIR is wired to the dimmer as if it were a switch, shown in the diagram here: In Vera the LastSceneID is changed when the dimmer detects power on the “switch”. Also useful when wiring a house should home automation be removed in the future as a functioning PIR can still remain.

I do this also, but I found an anomaly between the timing of the light going out as it’s timed to, and the PIR not retriggering until a later time. This can leave occupants in the dark until the PIR is ready to detect motion again. Hence the idea to continuously restart a timer when the PIR detects motion.

Solved pir trigger and timer issue using a very helpful walkthrough here…

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