Light switch recommendations and garage door opener

Received my Vera last week (got a 1 vs a 2 ) - I have worked through the upgrade/downgrade of firmware and have settled on the last UI-2 release (.988) and have it working with my Schlage locks - which was the original reason for the purchase.

My next implementation is for light switches - many of which need 3-way capability. Most of the lights are LED so load is minimal, 300W will be more than enough. Anyone have recommendations on switches they are using?

Are there any sold in the US that have power metering?

How about garage door openers - anyone have one working they are happy with?

I am partial to the GE 45609 - NON-Dimable on/off switches (~$50ea) or the GE54606 Dim/on/off switches. The 45609 will work with CFL’s very well. The 4506 does not, unless they-re dimable CFL, and even then, I don’t suggest it.

My garage door solution works great: 110v Coil relay mounted in a box, in my garage ceiling and an HA02C Module controlled by a scene which electrifies the relay for 30sec. The 2 Normally Open poles are connected to the garage door open/close circuit, which is the same 2-wire circuit the manual garage door opener uses. (Total cost < $60). Took about an hour to assemble and install. Works flawlessly!!

Vera has a LUPP plug-in you can install to Vera in order to record electricity use. Although I have yet to install and use it, my understanding is that it will record your electric usage based on your Z-Wave devices and the amount of time they are in the on state, in conjunction with the load you have entered (manually) for those devices, at Vera->Devices->z-wave device.

Do you have any photos or notes on how you set up the garage door opener?

Thank you.

Does the GE54606 Dim/on/off switches control local load? Thanks for any help. because I bought a vizia dimmer but it does not control local loads. I’m new.

What Vizia dimmer doesn’t control local load? I know Leviton makes scene controllers that do and don’t control local loads and you have to get your model numbers accurate to get what you want.

use the levition Vizia 1 zone dimming controller VRCZ1
non dimming use the 1 scene controler VRCS1 i belive

Thank you for the info - my only issue with the GE switches is that they seem to only come in Ivory - all of our existing switches/plates are Almond. Do you know if the paddles on the GE are replaceable with standard paddles? I tried a GE Dimmer and removed it already. Even with incandescents it did not DIM the lights and the hum and heat generation made it unacceptable for my usage.

Does anyone know if the Leviton switches will act as relays for the Schlage zwave locks?