Light switch icons now appear as outlet icons

After upgrading my Vera Plus to the latest firmware 1.7.4453, my light bulb icons for my z-wave switches now appear as outlet icons. This only happened to my WS15Z-1 Linear switches and not my WD500Z-1 Linear dimmable switches. The WD switches still show the bulb icon which shows yellow color when on. The outlet icons for my WS switches show up as outlet plugs and when on have a green arched double line above them. How do I get back to the old icons. This is from the UI7 web interface. The device type is BinaryLight.
So somehow my json file for binarylight got changed?

Look at your category and subcategory types. Changing those will change the icon.

Great mystery as to why mios decided to swap the icons between the two device sub categories on this firmware. You could revert it by swapping the D_BinaryLight.json back to the old version or as HSD99 suggested, change the subcategory number. Note however that some devices get autoconfigured back into a fixed subcatergory number upon luup reload which is another thing I really wish the vera would not do.

Please vote for configurable icons for devices, which is contained in this enhancement request post:

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Yes, indeed. It is a mystery.

Sorry for my original terse post—I was heading out the door when I saw the question.

There should be no need to vote rigpapa, these things should just be done. To be quite honest with you I think the entire voting thing is quite lame. As Sorin has said, even if something is overwhelmingly voted for there is no assurance that it will be accepted. And with good reason I guess.

I get it, but it almost certainly won’t get any attention if nobody votes for it.

How do you vote?

Go up to the top post of the linked thread, very top, left side next to the post name, there is a “Vote” count box with a button underneath.


Where do i find an old copy of the json file that would contain the previous icon?

To be clear, the json file does not contain the icon. It just binds the icon to the subcategory number. I think I could post mine here but I heavily customized it to support additional types of devices. If you can wait a week, I can probably retrieve the previous one from an old firmware and post here once I get home.

I already posted mine in the past, super-standard but with fixed icons:

I am in no hurry. I may be able to change myself. However, I am confused on the file that therealdb referred to in the zip file. As I look at this json compared to the one currently on vera it would appear that it will result in the same icon as they both have the switch image for subcategory 3 which is how my switches are currently defined. So I either need to change the subcategory of the devices (what ramification does this have??) or change the json file to define the binary light icon for subcategory 3.

The post has subcategory to be used to have switch, bulb or relay icon. You need to change the subcategory in order to reflect the correct nature of the device.

therealdb - Thanks for the information. Is there any side affect of changing the sub category?

No side effects. Unless you use turn all lights on/off.

I made the change to the sub-category so that my light switches now appear as bulbs. As noted by therealdb, the icons in the app cannot be changed. But who changed them and why and what was the logic? My light switches in the app do appear as a plug when off but appear as a on light bulb when on?? I have a relay switch that controls my fireplace turning off/on and the icon now appears as a water faucet on/off. Just seems a bit strange as to the choice of icons.