Light Sensor triggers

I am still having issues where the light sensor value is not triggering scenes.

Same. Comparing Meshbot on mobile vs web produce very different results.

The mobile apps dont support fully yet all Meshbot rule features.

Probably better to stick to the web UI for any rule creation attempts.

I can’t get it to work on either unfortunately

Neither will work. The web UI will not allow for LUX as a capability, shows “no options”.

Hello @BillC and @JasonSmith ,

Thanks for the information, this issue has been reported and our development team is working to fix it as soon as possible, please stay tuned to our forum and we will let you know when it is resolved.

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So likely hasnt been implemented yet.

Interesting. I assume that’s android.
It’s (sort of) there in iOS.

It just doesn’t do anything

When using the web UI it should not make any difference? if using Android or iOS.

However all my LUX sensors have “no option”.

From your screen shot looks like you got a bit further.

So its not triggering your rule then?

Nope. Does nothing. I created a “bot that did nothing but send a notification when the light got to a level. Doesn’t do anything.

Yeah, when I wrote that I thought your example was from the app. That’s why I distinguished the two. Then I forgot to edit it.

Unless the UI likes safari a little bit.

Maybe ?

Try a different action maybe other than just a notification. Maybe they are not working.

The developers said.

“We are working on LUX capabilities in trigger section, we are going to show them in the next production release”

Strange, I just tried Safari on an ipad and I still only see “No Options” for LUX devices.

What version is your Ezlogic web UI?

1.49.1 currently

I just made one that turns on a fan.
Let’s see what happens

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Same version as mine. Strange why you had more functionality with it then.

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