Light on while condition true but scene ended so light doesn't turn off

Hi All,

I have done some searching and see some similar posts to what I’m asking but not coming up with an answer.

I have an inside light that turns on if the time is between sunset and sunrise when the door lock is unlocked. This works fine so long as the door was locked before sunrise occurs to turn the light off.

So if I unlocked the door 10 minutes before sunrise and the light was on but didn’t lock the door until after sunrise the light will not turn off.

Does any option or workaround exist to turn that light off after sunrise? This really doesn’t occur often but must I create another scene to be a catch all in case this happens again?

This is the only time this light is actually used so nothing else would trigger it where this would be any issue.


Not that this is the most elegant possible solution, but I address this common issue by having a separate Reactor routine which turns off certain lights on a daily basis regardless of other conditions.

I do this based on the assumption that Vera is often asleep at the switch and I would rather not risk certain devices remaining on all day long.

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As a logic tool, Reactor will be doing what you told it to do. If it’s not doing that, assuming there isn’t a bug, you didn’t give it all the rules. Can you post a logic summary (from the Tools tab of your ReactorSensor), and also restate what your rules are (not what you’ve tried to implement, what you want it to do)?

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Thanks both, there’s nothing wrong with the current logic. I think what I’ll do is another sensor for after sunrise if lock is 1 and light is 1 then turn off. Something like that.