Light bulb should be a fan (changing icons)

I have a light switch (on/off) and a fan switch (dimmable) in each bedroom, but the fans and lights both show as light bulbs, and only the fans are controlled by the shortcuts in the Vera iOs app.
How can I change the icon for the fans to a fan, and ho can I make the lights controlled by the “turn all off” / “turn all on” shortcut in the vera iOs app?


(VeraSecure UI7)

I am not aware of a fan specific icon for the Vera UI.

Check out this link -

You can look into imperihome, in that app you can have your own icons.


Try changing device category to 3 and subcategory to 3 (in wall switch), then it should appear as light, also in web interface.

To change it you should go to the device settings, advanced section, parameters tab.
Remember that not all switches are working with changing these settings, some refuse it and go back to their default.

For changing icon I don’t have a solution except custom icons within specific mobile app. But I’m interested as well.