Life360 plugin?

Has anyone played around with this Life360 app / site? Seems built to do family presencing… automatically send dad a message when mom gets to the soccer practice field, flexible location sharing, etc etc.

How hard would something like this be to tie into Vera?

iViri does geofencing which allows you to setup virtual switches or multi-switch (next v1.2 release will support multi-switch) to be triggered when your geofence that you setup has been entered or exited. So you could have your house react to you heading home from work, or you arriving home or you and your wife heading on vacation and leaving the state, etc… Also looking to add iBeacons which will allow your house to react to your presence in the home and going room to room or zone to zone.

The only issue is that currently iViri is only for iOS (as you know, as the developer). LIfe360 is crossplatform and therefore would work for a greater number of people (even mixed platform houses)

I’m not saying it would be easy to create a plugin for Vera for Life360, but in this case iViri isn’t really for everyone. If you made an android version, I would jump all over it just for the geofencing. The OP didn’t really say what platform they are on either, making it hard to say if iViri would work. I’m not bashing you for suggesting it (its a good suggestion!), just making sure the OP knows that your suggestion won’t work outside of an Apple device.

Yeah… in fact I have iViri already and I know what it can do. (I imagine jpete knows this because he responded via PM to a thread I started in the iPhone locator plugin forum with a plug for iViri as well and I replied letting him know I was already a customer.)

I don’t blame a developer for plugging his wares… but that’s not what I was looking for here. I was just checking out the big feature set offered in the Life360 service and wondered how hard it would be to tie into something like this.


We have been using Life360, and find that it works well for us.

Now I am interested in adding geofence capability to my VeraLite system, and would prefer to connect to the system we are already using. The main driver is that Life360 does not drain the phone batteries too badly, and I would have to verify that for any other geofence app before integrating it.

Life360 will send push notifications or emails based on locations (place alerts). Any way to use these with Vera/UI5?

Tom Williams

I’ve been using Life360 for awhile and it works great. What I’d like to see it integrated with is the Amazon echo. Ask Alexa where is Johnny and have Alexa or the sonos respond with the answer. Anyone have any suggestions? Thus far I’m at a loss.