Licensing / Commercial usage

I am building a prototype of a product using Ezlopi solution.
My goal would be to commercialize my product and sell it to end users with a limited access to the cloud dashboard (ie read measurements extracted for the devices and receive alerts when the device is triggered).
Would that be possible to benefit from Ezlo cloud / dashboard connectivity legally while selling my product to end users ? At that point, I don’t have a working prototype yet but it’s on the way.
If everything work as expected I could sell my solution to a few thousand client but I’m wondering what could be the implication of relying on Ezlo cloud solution for the consumers on the long run.
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No idea whether this pattern would put you in a legally challenging situation with Ezlo, but for sure they will step in and let you know.

Whatever comes out of that, you will also have to think about your responsibilities towards your customers. If your solution is fully dependant on Ezlo’s technology, make sure to think about the situation when Elzo folds, or when they decide to change their terms. You might want to consider setting up an agreement with Ezlo to cover these issues.

First of all, please let us know if we can be of any help during your building process. Our engineers are available for any questions.

Are you building your own UI or your users will use our MiOS app?

As you will appreciate running cloud has an ongoing cost. As part of this Open Source Initiative we are giving X many cloud interactions (will provide the exact number later) for free per month to each and every user. Anyone who goes above that will need to pay a cloud usage fee.

How the user gets charged this extra usage will be based on whether users interact via your UI or our App.

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I’m thinking of using MiOS. As per interaction between the devices and the Cloud that would be only for the device to send alerts when a specific trigger is reached.

As per your mention regarding building process, I’ve just submitted another thread regarding that :slight_smile: :