LG TV - HTTP GET commands via LUUP

After reading a similar thread (http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,39728.0.html ) related to DirecTv I have successfully created scenes to turn on/off the DirecTv unit.
Now I am trying to find the codes to control my LG TV. It is a LG 42LH40.

I’ve searched with no luck and dabbled with wireshark, also no luck. If anyone has a simple list of the commands and a sample get command that would be absolutely awesome!


I was also looking to control my LG remotely and stumbled on this document (trying to hook my GC-100 up to my LG via serial and talking to the GC over IP). However, in my typical ADD syndrom, i got distracted and din’t go much further.

I don’t know if it even tangentally talks about your use case, or if it just duplicates information you already have; but I thought I’d provide it to add to the data pile I’m sure you’re acquiring.

Good luck,
RS-232C - LG TV Control.pdf (99.3 KB)