LG Thinq Appliances / Plug-in / API - Go or No Go?

Since so little has been said to date about integrating LG Thinq appliances with Vera, using the open API being provided by LG, I figured I’d ask one last time.

Has anyone tried creating a plug-in to handle these devices?

Noting that the SmartThinq API has been open since 2016, I’m just surprised to be stuck 4 years later using only (a) the company’s own Android app to control these devices (e.g. washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, etc.), (b) enabling the “Thinq” Smart Home Skill in Alexa (which works OK), or © making do with the (somewhat defunct and definitely limited) IFTTT services LG has provided.

Any others interested in this line of development??

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If the API is open, would it not be simple to create a ‘reactor-as-plugin’ with a series of virtual switches and OS commands to execute curls to the API?


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I am interested. LG’s new laundry tower is on my holiday shopping list.

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