LG appliances - open api


I have a LG washer and dryer with that can be turned on and off using wifi. They also offer an open api, how hard is it to connect to Vera? I have programmed in the past, but I hat to say how many years, lol. Do we have anything on the forum?

Sorry to OP for triggering a notification that doesn’t help, but I wanted to register a “me too” post.

I have the same smartthinq appliances. I can start and stop loads, but more importantly, the LG app will notify when loads are finished and allow status verification remotely. So I can see what cycle it’s on, and how much longer till finished. Integrating that into Vera for additional notifications would be awesome.

Sorry to resurrect a (very) old thread, but given the ubiquity of LG appliances these days, and the company’s own API still (hopefully) existing for developers to use, I have to say I’m rather surprised and disappointed that nobody has created a Vera plug-in to control LG devices (air conditioner, washer, dryer, etc.).

Something tells me LG is making it harder than it has to be. All I could find to date is an Android app (called “Thinq”) which should permit remote control of my LG air conditioner, but which refuses to run on my phone due to it being rooted. That’s right, LG intentionally hampered a working app “for security reasons”, leaving its customers in the dark. Likewise, their IFTTT integration seems to be limited only to washers and dryers (and I hear even those are not working now).

The only workaround for me has been enabling the “LG SmartThinq” skill on Alexa and using my voice for turning the device on/off, but it took me many weeks to realize this was even an option. Nobody from LG or their various user groups turned me onto that. And from what I can see, no options exist for timed/automatic/responsive control.

Any Vera devs interested in taking this one on??