Leviton Zone controllers & GE remotes - #45608 & #45601

I am wanting to use the Leviton Zone controller over the GE Zone controller (based on the forums advice on controllers) and I understand that I will need to 'Link" the Leviton’s buttons to the Groups, I want to control.
The Leviton Remote supports this type of linking and I want to know if the GE remotes will work as well.
Ergo: go to each switch, outlet device and dimmer and add the devices and then transfer this, via the GE remote, as a ‘add group’ to a Leviton buitton, or assign each device to a Leviton button.

Also, since I already have my Groups set up on the GE remotes, can I Transfer - sync the Leviton Zone controller, from the GE remote?
Thanks in advance for any and all help.

To be more specific, he is asking has anyone been able to link the buttons on a Leviton Zone Controller to GE dimmers using a GE Remote Control. I have used a Leviton Remote to set the Zone Controllers up and I have heard others used the Think Essential to the controller up but what else will work?
Tim Alls
AllSeas Yachts

My guess is, this is not possible. The Leviton controllers need programmed; which is more than a standard network/scene transfer.