Leviton VRCZ4 Off

I have read on this forum that the UI4 have to full compatibility with leviton device. So i made few test but i still can’t use the OFF buton on my VRCZ4. I made a scene, selected it in the zone controller scene tab, save and configure node. When i push the OFF buton nothing happen, same when i hit the on light twice. I have downloaded the Vizia rf plugin (but have no clue of what it is used for…), and im using the lastest IU4 with vera2.
Am i doing something wrong?

The Leviton switches have the same limitation as the HA07 Controllers - Vera can differentiate the “on” buttons, but cannot differentiate the “off” buttons (in other words, button 1 off is the same as button 2 off to Vera). The off buttons will work for devices that Vera can program the switch to directly control, of course. On devices that Vera still has to control, Vera will run “Scene 0” whenever an off button is pushed.

So the question is what kind of device are you controlling?

Thx for the reply. I control other leviton switch (VRI06).