Leviton VRCS2 2 button load and scene controller - How I got it to work in UI5

Thanks for testing and documenting this. Seems like everything is working the way you wanted it to?

From previous discussions it was never clear if this alternate way of including/using the device actually worked / could be made to work. I might try a spare VRCS2 and see if it is reproducible (as that was the other issue).

Yeah if you have a spare switch then please see if you can duplicate my work - that would be awesome.

@brokensyst3m - Can you provide us with your version numbers? Are you able to reproduce your results?

Using the following:
Vera Lite Version 1.5.622
Leviton VRCS2-MRZ Version 7,2,67,0,1

My inclusion attempts result in three devices all are labeled _2 button scene controller
Loads do not work, LEDs do not work. Your posted technique does not appear to work at all.

I’m also using the same versions

Vera Lite Version 1.5.622
Leviton VRCS2-MRZ Version 7,2,67,0,1

It took me many hours to get this working so I’m a bit reluctant try and duplicate.

The only time I got three _2 button scene controller’s was when I was trying to include from the control panel but then again I cant get any devices paired using the control panel - seems very flaky to me.

This could have been a glitch in my favor - It may have been since you weren’t able to duplicate.

All I can say is try different button combinations and keep me posted.

If I do try and duplicate I’ll be sure to record it but that wont be today.

Tried including with Vera 3 (not Lite), with Vera in inclusion mode first. Pressing/holding the buttons will then results in Vera ‘seeing something’, but in the end does not yield the proper result.

Including it as intended works fine. (I did a low-power include through the GUI with Vera 3 feet from the device.) Same version of the device.

Hi @biggsworld,

thank you so much for the instructions. I am still a little confused between how the instructions work for folks that want to use the local load versus people who just want to use the controller as a scene selector. I have wired my controller without any load (switch-legs) just power and a neutral.

I have my VRCS2-MR included and have three devices; scene controller, scene controller (switch), scene controller (switch). When clicking the off/on button’s of the switch devices I hear the controller click.

The other thing I notice is when I press either button 1 or 2 the LED turn green momentarily while depressing the button but goes away, it does not stay lit up for on and off for off. I have two test scenes, one for light off and a second for light off. I have assigned scene “light off” to the controller device, scene tab, active this scene when button is turned on. And likewise I have assigned scene “light on” to the controller device, scene tab, activate this scene when button is turned off.

What happens: if all lights are on and I press button one, the light goes off (but LED does not stay lit) when I single or double press button one a second time the “light on” scene never activates. I go back to UI5 and run “light on” and the light turns on.

I have been fighting with this for weeks, I have read almost every thread I can find for “VRCS2-MR site:forum.micasaverde.com” and I’m just not getting it.



I have few of these - adding them to Vera3 was very straightforward. Just wait long enough to see 3 devices - one controller and two switches/loads.

Configuring them either through Automation->Scene->Triggers or through Device->Scenes tab also mostly works.

But it’s somewhat not very reliable - sometimes it activates the scene, but does not light up the corresponding button LED. And if the LED is not lit, pressing the button again will try to activate the scene again, instead of deactivating it. The workaround is to quickly press the button twice, which will send deactivation message.

Also, if you try to control a dimmer, turning it on to 100% won’t work for some reason (other percentage seems to work though). Turning it off to 0% works fine. So, I ended up having 2 scenes for a dimmer - 50% ON (could be 99% ON if you need it all the way up) for scene activation and 0% OFF for deactivation. Works fine, unless it loses the LED status, as I mentioned above…

BTW, the option to automatically update indicator light is enabled.

@brokensyst3m, I agree with you - I wanted to use this 2-button controller in a 3-way setup before realizing it can’t do it :slight_smile: There are already too many wires - it would require extra 2 wires to make each load 3-way capable (besides all the added complexity inside) and it will make the wiring impossible for regular users…