Leviton VP00R companion switches - is nuetral required?

Leviton makes two different companion switches, the VP00R-1L and the VP00R-10L. The only visual difference is that one has an LED power indicator and the other doesn’t. So, I decided to buy the ones with the LED.

Alas, it appears that there is a technical difference between the two as well. My companion switch boxes do not include a neutral wire. They only have common (line), ground, and the two travelers. But the VP00R-1L (the one with an LED) requires a neutral wire. So, sadly, none of my companion switches will work with my present wiring.

Rather than re-wiring all of my companion switch boxes, I would rather just use a companion switch that doesn’t require a neutral. I took a look at the instruction manual for the VP00R-10L (the one without an LED), and it appears that it does not require a neutral. Can anybody confirm this? I want to make sure I order the right switches this time.

I can’t confirm it (I don’t have one), but it makes sense. The one with the LED needs the neutral wire, so it can power the LED without completing the load circuit.

Cool, thanks. That makes sense.