Leviton + Vera + Schlage + repeater?

I have a lot of Leviton Vizia RF+ devices.
Over the years I have struggled to get it to work with various versions of Vera.
I have finally gotten thing stabilized and they are OK.
I got this to work by using the Leviton Installer Tool, adding Vera a secondary, and making Vera become primary.

Since things are working, I have decide to break them again.
I have added a Schlage lock to garage side door.
Schlage lock is too far away from Vera.
I have added a GE / Jasco 45603 appliance module to act as a repeater.
The 45603 is on the edge of the network. Commands from Vera will succeed after 1 retry.
The Schlage lock is < 2’ away from the 45603.
The Schlage lock still does not respond to commands from Vera.

I am afraid to do a “heal network” because (based upon past experience) I fear that it will screw up the associations with my Leviton devices.

Q: If I didn’t have any Leviton devices, what would be the mechanism to get the GE 45603 appliance module repeater to act as a relay for the Schlage lock?

Q: Since I do have Leviton devices, is there a methodology that I can follow that will allow me to update the portion of the network that involves the GE 45603 and the Schlage lock without messing up the rest of my network? Static routing?


You need to perform a heal or allow Vera to perform an automatic heal, usually every morning at 1am.

But, since you had trouble with the Levitons, I suspect that you unchecked the “By default Vera should automatically configure devices” in Z-Wave settings. This is fine.

  1. In Vera, go to the Leviton devices. On their settings page set Automatically Configure to No. This will prevent Vera form configuring teh device and screwing up its programming.

  2. Perform a network heal.

  3. Manually “Configure node right now” the Schalges and the GE 45603 lamp module, if you have disabled Automatic configuration for them.

Manual routing may ultimately be necessary, but the above steps will likely get you working without static routes.