Leviton RF+ 3 way... going out of my mind

I’m pretty good with wiring but I’ve spend hours working on this.

I installed the VRI10-1LZ and the VP00R-1LX. The VRI10-1LZ works no problem. Turn on/off, dim up/down. The VP00R-1LX though is no joy. The dimmer LED lights up but it will not turn the light on or dim.

I know the remote dimmer needs to go on the line and I’ve swapped the positions multiple times just to make sure. I also tried two VP00R-1LX’s just to make sure I didn’t have a bad one.

I know people have struggled with these switches in the past. Anyone have the situation there the dimmer LED will light up but not work?

Does it need to be added to the Z-Wave network first or should the remote dimmer operate immediately after installation?

I’ve solved the problem!

Believe it or not, the instructions for the remote dimmer and the controller dimmer contradict each-other. ???

According to the remote dimmer instructions, traveler wire #1 becomes the hot line. This means you need to swap the traveler wire and the load wire on the controller dimmer.

So for my example, the red was traveler#1. On the controller dimmer I needed to wire the red wire to the black lead and the black load wire to the red lead.

Hopefully this will help someone who runs into this problem too. I tried searching online and found nothing about this. I spent a whole night trying to figure this out!