Leviton ivory change plates needed!

I am looking for ivory change plates for the old leviton dimmer and relay switch (vizia rf models). These would be the rzs-15 switches and the rzi-06 dimmers. I am also looking for ivory change plates for the leviton rzc4 s4 button scene controllers. If anyone has them and wants to part them out. Please let me know. I would be willing to pay for them. Or know where I can purchase them.

  • Garrett

I have the leviton controller plates for a 4-ZONE controller… They wouldn’t work would they? I have ivory…

If it is a RZCZ4 zone controller, I think they may work. How many do you have and what would you want for them?

  • Garrett

I have change plates for the scene controller. You can have them for the postage costs.


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Contact me at asterix406@hotmail.com