Leviton DZPA1-1LW has current bleed-through

I thought I might warn people about an “undocumented feature” with the Leviton DZPA1-1LW 15-Amp Plug-In Appliance Module.

It bleeds current through to the load in the OFF state. It’s not a true ON/OFF appliance module. This problem is particularly pronounced using blue LED holiday lights item # 50L5MM6-B/W. In the OFF state I could plainly see several of the LEDs brightly lit and some were flickering continuously. I verified with Leviton that low wattage LED lighting is “incompatible with this model of plug-in module”. However, this “feature” is not documented anywhere, especially not on their own web site, or on Amazon where Leviton is the seller, where I bought my modules. I had to return 1 module, and cancel an order of 6 more (thankfully in enough time before it shipped).