Leviton DZ15S - No ZWave Neighbors Showing

I have a Leviton DZ15S and have noticed that it shows no neighbors. I have hit the “update neighbors” button for the device a couple of times over a week’s period and still nothing. In looking at Leviton’s instructions it seems to indicate it should help route ZWave traffic (emphasis mine):

“Leviton’s Decora Smart TMZ-Wave ®Devices are designed to communicate with each other via Radio Frequency (RF) to provide remote control of your lighting. In a Z-Wave ®network, each device is designed to act as a router. These routers will re-transmit the RF signal from one device to another until the intended device is reached. This ensures that the signal is received by its intended device by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots. This switch is compatible with any Z-Wave ®enabled network, regardless of the manufacturer and can also be used with other devices displaying the Z-Wave ®logo.”

Is there anyone else in a similar situation? I am having some communication issues in some parts of my house and this switch is in a location that would be critical to bridging from one area to another. Does the lack of neighbors indicate that this switch does not participate in routing ZWave traffic?


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