Leviton dimmer VRMX1 not dimming LED bulbs more than 40%

I have installed at least 10 Leviton VRMX-1LZ dimmers, and they have worked fine in my Micasa Verde z-wave set up for several months. Now I am in the process of swapping out my traditional 75 W MR16 bulbs for new LED bulbs, and here is where my problems start. I have tried a variety of LED bulbs from different manufacturers, and what I am finding is that I can’t get dim less than approx 40% brightness. I am thinking this is a problem with Leviton and I will need to swap out for new dimmers if I want full dimming. Have other people had this issue? Is there a work-around? If not, what other dimmers would you recommend?

What kind of total load are you putting on the dimmer? Most dimmers have a minimum load. That dimmer in particular has a 40 watt minimum load. If you only have 1 or 2 LED bulbs that are 10 watts or so each, you are under the minimum load and may have issues dimming.

You can also program the minimum brightness level on those dimmers.

Go here and check out the manual: http://www.leviton.com/OA_HTML/ProductDetail.jsp?partnumber=VRMX1-1LZ&section=44140

Correct. This is what I had to do. Careful on UI5, if you dim to 1%, Vera considers this “off” which can cause logic problems. Pain in the …!

Thanks for the comments.

There are 4 lights on the circuit. So far I have swapped out 2 bulbs, so the other 2 are still drawing 75 w each.

I did make sure I programmed the dimmer setting on the lowest possible setting. The regular bulbs are barely on, whereas as I mentioned, the LEDs are only a little more than 50 % dimmed.

If you mix bulbs, you’ll get different dim levels. In your case combining incandescent and LED on the same dimmer would definitely create the problem you describe. Even mixing LED bulbs of different make/model can have different dim levels.

Try removing all the incandescents, at last temporarily, and see what you get.

And definitely some bulbs are better at others. I have found for exmaple the PHilips slim light has very, very limited dimming range, where the more more expensive Philips have great dimming range, as do my Cree downlights… where my Consumer Electric downlights have less flickering issues than the Cree’s but has a strange top end dimming range where they take forever to start dimming, you had to get down to like 70% before you even noticed they were dimming (so I used a Cooper dimmer in this case so I could trim the top end brighteness way down).

I think you are going to find mileage varies from bulb to bulb. The number of dimmers on the same circuit can also affect things. I have like like 4 different rooms all on dimmers, but they are all on the same circuit, if they are all on and dimmed, some of them get even dimmer than normal, or will flicker, which is why I had to swap one of my rooms out with the Consumer Electric downlights.

Dimmers and LEDs are just a pain! Good luck, hopefully you can find a combination that works for you, as the Leviton’s are usually a great dimmer.