Leviton dimmer double-tap shortcuts

Has anyone noticed that the Leviton dimmers might sort-of-kind-of have shortcuts for double-taps on the dimmer bar?

It’s a feature I really like on my older non-zwave electronic dimmers elsewhere in the house - double tap up to have the lighting go to full power.

Sometimes I seem to get the same effect “by accident” on the Leviton VRI-06 - I can double tap on the right or left of the dimmer bar to get the lighting to go to minimum or maximum brightness - but it’s really inconsistent, like if I try 10 times in a row it may only work 5-6 times. As far as I can tell this “feature” isn’t documented anywhere (and if it is an intentional feature it certainly doesn’t seem to work all that well :slight_smile:

Has anyone noticed this, or even better can explain it?

OK, well I suspect by lack of response most readers decided I was just crazy, but I did in fact figure it out.

It is in fact quite consistent. The double-tap shortcut on the dimmer bar works on the VP00R matching remote, but not on the actual VRI06 dimmer itself.

Very odd to me that leviton implemented this in one place but not the other…

Yeah wow, just tested on mine and am seeing the same thing. Very strange they would only do this on the remotes.