Leviton 600W Dimmer issues

First time poster. Hi everyone!

SO I am all setup with my vera 3 with newest FW. I’m controlling 20 devices. All lights. The furthest one out in the network if just not responding. THere are 4 other devices in a straight line from the vera to this device. The one next to it which is about 10 feet away works flawlessly. Total distance from vera to the problem device is about 45 feet.

Tech support got it working yesterday but this AM broke. I got a call into them and they said they would fix it but I want ot be able to do this stuff myself. George from tech, who is great, said that “limit neightbors to detect network” should be checked for larger networks which it is.

So I need help.

THanks everyone for the input.

Could the auto heal broke it last night. If so then that’s not good cause when I add stuff and need to heal it will break again.

The message I get its that it times out after trying multiple times.

THanks again!

It is likely that a nightly heal “broke” your configuration. I suspect that the answer will be to change the switch’s configuration to not allow it to be automatically configured, after it has been properly setup. This will prevent its configuration from being overwritten in the future.

But, tech support is the better place to ask your questions. Not only do they probably have greater knowledge of Vera, they have also seen your network which we have not.