LED lights on Dimmers

I have an electrician installing LED lighting as I finish my basement.

2 circuits of 5 6" cans
1 circuit of 10 4" cans

What do folks recommend as the best dimmer switch for this given the LED load?

(I don’t know what the draw will be at the lowest dimming level).

Also, can somebody explain what “electronic low voltage” is on this chart? http://store.homeseer.com/store/x-W16C64.aspx


To answer your question first;

Electronic low voltage OR Magnetic low voltage refers to the type of transformer used to convert mains voltage (110v in USA) to (typically) 12 volts for some kind of ‘sexy’ lighting. For example the lights in my bathroom are 12v Xeons in pendulum hangers.

My experience

I have LED’s in cans all over my house - and found that dimming them with regular z-wave dimmer switches to be very unsatisfactory - flickering and not possible to get below a certain dim level. I replaced the ones I care to dim to low levels with regular incandescent bulbs and the non-dim areas with straight z-wave (relay) switches - I use leviton VRS15-1LZ exclusively for the relay type switches

Given that your LED Cans / bulbs probably have an electronic step down system you may have luck with the VRE-06; see post

The experience seems to be again not getting to low (theater type) lighting levels

I couldn’t drop $200 for one dimmer however - my 4 bulbs cost sub $50 :slight_smile: