Latest Icon Fix Up bundle for dataMine 2, KiraRT, MultiString, System Monitor and UPnP Event Proxy

Icon fixup for plug-ins I commonly use or found elsewhere on the forums that were broken with the icon path change on the latest firmware. Includes:

  • dataMine 2 - aka DataMine2
  • KiraRT
  • MultiString - aka MString
  • System Monitor - aka SysMon
  • UPnP Event Proxy - aka UPnPProxy

If you need/want any of these, download the zip file, unzip, and load in Vera via Apps->Develop App->Luup Files
Then do an engine reload (9.9 KB)

Also attaching the MultiString instruction file, incase you wanted to know what the options variable was for:
MultiString.pdf (58.1 KB)

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