Latest firmware update changes behaviour of default tabs

This is just a head’s up to all:

Vera released a firmware update over the weekend: 1.7.481.

Up until this point, if you did not have a JSON file distributed with your plugin (or if your json was invalid), some of the default tabs (including “Advanced”) would automatically be made available.

After the update, the tabs are still there, but if you expand them, they are blank. So it appears that if you want users to have access to those default tabs, you’ll need to provide a json that explicitly provides access to them.

Just wanted to say thank you for posting this.

I have been banging my head for a couple days trying to figure out why my customized alarm panel plug wouldn’t display correctly when using it on UI7. Dumped my code into a json validator after reading that invalid code can cause it and fixed.

Yeah, I figured that since I banged my own head against the wall for a while figuring this out…it was likely that others might be too. :slight_smile: