Last Firmware Bricked my Vera Plus controller

I finally got around to updating my latest release of 1.7.4453 firmware on both of my Vera Plus controllers. One of the controllers went pretty smooth, just leaving the “Location Time” at GMT so everything here was 5 hours off. I clicked “Save Settings” all of the location info was already displayed.
The second controller started erroring with LUA errors, cannot download all apps, will try again in 10 minutes…
I rebooted and still had same errors, so I decided to do a restore backup from the backup I created prior to doing the firmware update.
After the restore I did a reboot and now the controller is DOA and wont connect. I did a power off reset and the controller is still off-line…
Now what should I do?

Hello there,

I’m so sorry to hear about that. I don’t see any recent tickets from you but I’ve asked our Customer Care team to create one. Someone will be with your shortly, over the email.

Thank you.

I was able to forward port 22 thru my router and gave Support the IP and they got in and fixed it, whatever it was, in a short period of time.
All is well now.

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