Hi all,

I have the GE outdoor switch installed with timer schedule. It was working fine and that all lasted for only one week. Suddenly vera said unable to get info about the node. Then i tried to repair the zwave pool which didn’t work and subsequently add the item again. Now the device if plugged inside the house responds fine but as soon as i plug it outside in the landscape control box ( it is installed outside though so not enclosed) it doesn’t respond to the vera. I have put a switch inside the house right opposite to where the landscape panel is installed to act as a zwave extender but that didn’t help.

Any suggestions please.

What does “it is installed outside though so not enclosed” mean ?

Is that control box the jack is in metal or plastic? I’m having trouble with one of mine as well that’s in the shed. As of 2 weeks ago it’s no longer accesible. I’m gonna have to bring it inside and see if it works there. Unfortunately there’s a lot of stuff in front of it I have to move to get at it. :slight_smile: