Lamp modules with auto-sensing load feature - who has them?

I have older Leviton lamp modules (RZP03) that have a load-sensing feature that allow you to turn on a lamp locally using the lamp’s switch even if the module currently has it currently off. I recently purchased newer Leviton modules (VRPD3) which do not have this feature and also do not work well with my Home Settings controllers. Unfortunately the older RZP03 are not easy to find.

Can anyone provide a list of lamp modules that still have the load-sensing feature if any still exist? I recently read an ad for a LINEAR lamp module that does appear to have this. Can anyone confirm if it does and provide a model number? Any other manufacturers have this? I am spoiled at having this feature and allows you turn on a lamp without having to locate a controller. Any advise is appreciated. I am planning to add a Vera controller to the mix soon (new home) and assume most all of these products are compatible. Thanks!

I believe the GE lamp modules still do.

  • Garrett

GE modules have this, only the LAMP/Dimmer modules. To enable, see the attached screenshot

Thank you both! I did a bit more research and the PD300Z-2 from Linear appears to have this feature as well (AutoSense). It appears visually to be the same as the GE module but many comments seem to give the impression they are not really the same internally. Can anyone confirm that the PD300Z-2 from Linear has the AutoSense feature too? I am only asking because their technical support told me it did NOT and made me feel like a fool for challenging on that answer. See the following Youtube video from Linear: PD300Z: Z-Wave Plug-In Lamp Module - YouTube

This particular product has excellent reviews on Amazon.

I’m not sure about Linear, but I know GE has it. This feature is a “relationship/marriage saver” when the guy wants to implement Z-Wave in the house and the wife/girlfriend doesn’t adhere to the z-wave remotes, scene controllers etc and just wants to use the switch on the light :slight_smile:

I tend to use these on lights that are often used, and as long as they turn them ON this way and never turn them off, this feature is fantastic!

Please update what you discover

Thanks myhomeserver! You hit the nail right on the head. Wife has to be able to turn the lamp on if it is off.

Am ordering some of the Linear modules and will report back my finding. For anyone using Leviton as I have, here is a warning: The older RZP03 modules had this wonderful feature. The newer (replacement) modules VRPD3 do NOT. You cannot even control the light from the device at all. I had to use a Leviton controller just to get the module up to 100% brightness before it would work with some cheap HomeSettings (Intermatic) controllers and then was buggy where as the older ones work just fine.

I think the VRPD03’s will work fine as long as the lamp is left on but if it gets turn off and someone needs to use it, they MUST go back to remote control or your home controller software just to get it on again. Because of this, I am returning 3 that I just purchased. Not sure why Leviton did this but is certainly is a large step backwards unless I am missing something. I did call Leviton and they confirmed the modules no longer support that feature.