Kwikset User Codes Missing

Just installed a Kwikset deadbolt last night. I’ve installed it and setup 3 codes, one for me, one for my GF, and one for the cleaners which has a time restriction on it. I’d like to setup some notifications for the cleaners and my gf. When I setup the notifications, I hit the drop down box for “A PIN code is entered” which opens a new drop down box for “Which User Code”, but when I hit the drop down, the box is empty. I can’t seem to see any user codes in the notification section.

Now, I’m usually pretty good a picking up nuances, and I noticed that the code setup section calls them PIN codes and the notification is asking for User codes. Is there some other user section that I need to setup?


I also tried with IE and Chrome so I don’t think it’s the browser. Also the Log tab is empty. I thought it was supposed to list off which codes have been used when.

What version of the firmware are you using?

When I go to a lock, hit the wrench, then notifications tab, and select “A PIN code is entered,” I get a new box for “What PIN code INDEX number?”

There you can enter an asterisk (*) for any PIN, or enter the number which corresponds to the PINs listed on the “Pin Codes” tab.

I’m using a Vera 2 with UI4. Where do I find the firmware version and how to upgrade it?

I found a link to and was able to determine that I’m running 1.1.1362. It also has the process for upgrading.

Where else would I find this information though?

EDIT: Ok, so apparently that want’s me to go to UI5. I’ve heard some not so good things so I’ll avoid that for now. I did find the firmware window in the advanced section on the dashboard of the Vera. It ran a check and said I’m running the latest version.

I have UI4 and have the same problem. I think they must have broke this in the firmware update.