kwikset pin codes

I have a couple kwikset locks that were paired with a Vera2. Everything was working fine and I could manage pins from the UI. I have now installed a Vera Edge and am trying to get the locks working with it. I deleted them off of the Vera2 and connected them to Edge. I can unlock/lock them just fine using the UI, but I can’t get a PIN code to work anymore. Anyone else having this issue?

I have the same issue. The pin codes not working on the lock’s keypad.
Did you ever figure it out?

I could change/add pins from UI5 to my Vera3. Unable to change/add pins in UI7.

I am not having the same issues with my kwikset locks and vera lite running UI7.

You might try unpairing, then “factory reset” the lock, then re-pair. (Although Factory reset does not remove any pins that were added via z-wave).

To factory reset, remove the lock cover, remove the battery holder, and then press and hold the lock button while putting the batteries back in. Continue to hold the lock button for about 20 seconds until you hear the third beep. (The lock will probably open and close once or twice during this process.)

After the re-set, re-pair it with Vera.

In my case, once I get it paired…try to add a new pin…Once you initiate that addition, vera then takes several minutes retrieving the rest of the pins that have been coded.

I do have one issue with the lock that has been reproduced by Vera and they are working on a fix: On my particular model at least, if you try and remove a pin code restriction it doesn’t work. It looks like it worked…the restriction is no loger shown on the UI…but it is still in effect on the lock itself. The only way to remove the restriction is to delete the pin code and re-add it.