Kwikset motor dead after < 1 year - similar experiences?

I’ve had a Kwikset 910 motorized zwave lock on my vacation rental for less than one year and the motor seemingly died today. Bought the lock in Nov 2013, installed in Dec 2013 and the location it’s installed at has been rented an average of 10 days/nights per month since mid-March.

It’s worked flawlessly until now, but all of the sudden the lock stopped providing logs/communication to the controller on the 25th and, according the the current guests, stopped locking and unlocking this morning. I cannot poll node and all other system devices working and reporting fine. Tried installing new batteries (even though last reading at 40%) and no luck. Internet search reveals some with short life issues, though I couldn’t find any related posts in this forum.

At my other vera locations (home and office), I use Schlage locks, mostly the manual turn deadbolts, though I do have an electronic turn at home. The home one has been around less than a year, but used almost daily 2-3 times. After initially having to be replaced with a ‘good’ firmware version, this has worked without issue and I have yet to replace the batteries in it (old unit that was replaced lost communication w/Vera after a few weeks - bug in firmware that was apparently eventually resolved).

So…any have similar experience with their Kwikset motors going bad (or have any other insight to the issue)? Anyone have same issue with Schlage locks? For the vacation rental purpose, the Kwikset is a bit more flexible as the pin code can variably be 4-8 digits versus the exact number of digits you set in the settings (you’d be surprised how many people give you a four or six digit pin when you ask for a five).

I’ve moved current guests to hard key back up but will replace the lock in December when I visit - not sure with what yet.

nobody with similar issues?

I haven’t had mine that long yet, probably 3 months or so.

I’ve had mine a little over 2 years and, so far, so good. My batteries last about 6-8 months but I’m sure that depends somewhat on usage.

I had an off brand motorized deadbolt on my garage door for three + years with no problem. I only replaced it because I wanted to upgrade to a zwave enabled Schlage lock.

I have had (4) kwickset 910’s bought store returns (80.00 each) for more then a year and half none have quit. Battery’s last 8-12 months depending on front or rear doors.

same here - mine is now going on 2nd year - replaced batteries twice. I have it on autolock and open the door several times a day… it is on the door that leads to my garage… the trash can and recycle bins, so lots of manual openings (and motorized closings)