Kwikset lock

Has anybody been able to get a Kwikset Deadbolt to work with a Vera 1 running UI4? I’ve spent hours trying to get them to pair and have had no luck. Help!!!

Yes , and no problem. what version are you running?

Bring the lock to Vera and do a low power inclusion…

I knew how to do a low power inclusion when I was running a previous version of Vera. On UI4 how do you do this?

You can either do it through the wizard which basically tells you to press the EZsetup button on the back I think, or the other option is through the dashboard…

Press the add remove device button at the top left of the dashboard
in the pop up window Click “next” for Zwave,
When the pop up screen transitions, scroll to the bottom where you’ll see the controls for low or high power inclusion.

i just finished installing kwikset deadbolt lock but before installation, i brought it to vera2 and pairing was extremely simple and successfull the first time by using the wizard. i can lock/unlock through my iphone. one problem for now is that the status whether it is locked or unlocked does not show in my iphone.