Kwikset lock transfer from Leviton USB to Vera

I use the Leviton USB and Installer Tool as the primary controller for my network, and have had no issues transferring the configuration to the Vera in the past, then using the Vera to set up and control scenes - but I recently tried to add the Kwikset 910 lock, and am running into a bit of trouble. It includes when using the USB, and the node information transfers over to the Vera correctly, identifying itself as a lock, but the secure classes don’t appear to transfer over, so the Vera cannot actually control the lock. When I attempt to configure the lock manually in the Vera, I get the “failed at getting secure classes” error, even when the Vera is only about 2’ away from the lock.

I’ve tried excluding the lock in the Leviton Installer Tool, transferring the configuration over to the Vera, and then including using the Vera instead, but the Vera never recognizes the lock - I never get the fast blink that demonstrates the include is progressing, it just continues with the slow blink.

I had way too many issues when attempting to use the Vera as the primary controller, so I’d prefer to keep the Leviton as primary and use that to include devices - but I’m stumped on the lock. Has anyone included it using the VRUSB, then transferred that configuration over to Vera? Is there anything I can do to force inclusion when the Vera is in a secondary role? Thanks!!

I don’t know if it has anything to do with your issue, but I was completely unable to pair the VeraLite with the Kwikset lock using battery power. I had to haul out an extension cord and power the VeraLite from AC, then exclude, then include the lock.

That worked.

Can locks be transferred between controllers at all?

I actually bit the bullet, and switched primary control to the Vera, then tried to exclude / include using the Vera, and extension cord, and a 50’ long ethernet cable - but no luck. Still getting the “Failed at getting secure classes,” even though I’ve tried it three times.

When I had trouble, I found some other posts that suggested resetting the lock… you remove the battery, then push Program three times, then wait 10s, then re-insert battery. That’s supposed to flush the existing configuration, but I didn’t find it to make a difference.

There was one post that said ZWave pairing won’t work until you create one code IN the lock itself. That seemed surprising. Might be worth a shot.

The notes with the lock explained that codes set with the Z-Wave circuit board assembly removed will be forgotten/replaced when Z-Wave is inserted, so I also messed with that – removed card, added codes, inserted card… sure enough the old codes were forgotten. Made a new one., etc.

Make sure you are pushing hard enough on the Include button (left upper button) in the lock controller. Mine is not very sensitive and you really have to press on it to get the red LED to light up. It sounds like you’re getting further than this.

I don’t really have anything solid to offer as help, as I just banged around adding/removing/resetting like a monkey until the thing spontaneously started working. Seems to be the Z-Wave way.

I’d like to contrast this with the Nexia/Schlage system, which Just Worked. It paired the first time, and has never lost connectivity. The alerts/notifications Always Work. Of course, they get $9/mo and have almost nothing in the way of third-party support or automation, but it is possible.