Kwikset lock and NX-584 Alarm

Installed Control Cube - It looks very good and promising

Is lock and Alarm support added to this version?. Kwikset lock did not work via Contro Cube and Nx-584 didn’t show up in CC GUI. Any update on iPhone App?

Hi Kalapa, Thanks for the nice comments and feedback.

Currently the app is in Version 1.4 on the app store. Z-wave locks are supported but honestly not been tested properly. Please let me know if the z-wave lock is showing on your UI when you add the VERA (add it once again if you had an older version because Control Cube does not poll vera for new devices and adds them automatically).

Regarding the alarm, unfortunately that is not supported, the only way to Control your alarm currently is by using Scenes on Control Cube (the issue with that is you do not get status updates). But here is a suggestion, you can set up email/sms notifications on VERA when the alarm status is changes and just use scenes on control cube to arm/disarm. Its not a very neat solution but it ok for a temp. one.

Regarding the iPhone app, we are a bit behind on schedule. I expect to submit it to apple on Sunday or Monday which means you can expect it by around Friday next week.

Thanks for quick reply.
Regarding lock, it displayed in CC GUI, but it did not work.
Regarding Alarm, is it always via scene or the support will be added later?

Hi Kalapa, Im sorry that the lock did not work and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

In fact, I have only programmed but not tested the lock on a physical zwave lock. Basically I run an HTTP GET command to lock like this:

Where is the VERA IP and 55 is the Lock Device ID

I would appreciate it if you or anybody else at the forum can help me correct the above statement (I am assuming it doesn’t work based on your feedback). Please try to put it in your browser to check if it is working or not.

I did buy a zwave lock recently, but I am still stuck on getting it to be configured on vera! It is frustrating and I will figure it out soon.

I have an update about the iPhone app. It is ready, I also set up remote access on the iPhone and the iPad app. I am going to test the iPhone app one last time tomorrow and then I will be submitting it to apple.

Regarding the Alarm, to be honest, I do not have plans for that as of now. I will be working on Voice Commands and KNX Integration next.

No luck with the below format…

That’d be wrong. If you’ve said “schemas” then you’ve used a service type not a service ID.

See here for a more likely string.

I don’t see how you could ever support it without breaking Vera’s access to the alarm interface. The NX-584 interface is serial, so either it’s connected to Vera or it’s connected (somehow) to Control Cube. It’s not like an IP interface where you can connect multiple clients.