Kwikset latency of over 1200ms in zwave Repair Report typical?

I have two battery powered devices, a 3-in-1 sensor, and a Kwikset deadbolt. The 3-in-1 has a latency of around 100ms, according to numerous zwave repair reports. This is in the same range as my thermostat and various lamp/appliance modules.

However, the Kwikset deadbolt has never had a latency of less than 1200ms and sometimes as high as 6000ms. I am curious about latency times others are seeing with their Kwikset locks.

These latency times are on a vera2 with UI4 .1350 firmware.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

I always remember mine being high, but bear in mind the lock needs to be woken up first by a beam; you will find this to vary, and sometimes it’ll be low due to the lock being awake already.

@strangely: thanks for the info. I appreciate it. :slight_smile: