Kwikset & dedicated scene controller button

I have a scene controller button I’d like to dedicate to my front door lock.

I’ve created a scene called “unlock front door”. The only command is–as you’d expect–unlocking the front door:


The event that enables it is button #4 on the scene controller:


Ideally, the scene indicator light on the button will reflect the door lock status so I don’t have to walk down the hall & look down the stairs, then wait to see if my LED is flashing yellow or green.

It doesn’t appear to be working. I suspect that it’s because the lock status isn’t updating. I also have a question regarding scenes on the switch; I have a Monster 4-button scene controller (like Vizia RF); is it capable of having two active scenes simultaneously? That is, if I have one scene set to lock/unlock my door, and I press “Movie” on the same controller, is it now going to deactivate the scene and impact my door lock status??

Most recently, my trouble is that I’m getting the famed “device failed to configure” on my scene controller. Insights more than welcome.

I wonder… can what I want to do be accomplished using the “Advanced” tab in the scene?

I’ve never used “When all devices in the scene are properly set” for anything… could it be used to set indicator lights on the scene controller?

AFAIK, only the newer Leviton gear (VRCS2, VRCS4-M0/MR, VRCZ4-M0/MR) supports external control over the LEDs.

OK… that’s alright, I guess I can live with that. My scene still isn’t working correctly, however. I can run the scene from within the UI & it works; but pressing the button on the scene controller doesn’t. It’s odd. I press button #4 on the scene controller; the scene controller module on the UI says “transmit was OK”… but no transmit to the door lock. Nothing is different from my screen shots above.

OK, figured out my first problem; this scene, #4 on my controller, was always “active” on the controller, such that if I pressed the button again, I saw “transmit was OK” on the UI, but since the scene was already active, the event didn’t trigger the “Unlock Front Door” scene as seen in the screen shot above. Hm. Now I need to play around & figure out how to de-activate the scene if I want to be able to unlock the door multiple times from the button without activating another scene first.