Kwikset deadbolt lock daily restriction problem

Hi all:

We have a rental property with Veralite (latest firmware) and have been assigning a new PIN with daily restrictions to each guest. That way they cannot enter if they come too early or come back some time after their scheduled visit. This has worked great for months, but yesterday we had a guest that could not get in. After several attempts it started beeping and flashing the keypad lights. We gave him a spare code (that has no restrictions) so he was able to enter the property.

We have verified the pin code dates reported by vera should have worked. Vera is showing the proper time. There is a second door on this same Vera and we just replaced the Kwikset deadbolt with a new one (because the old one was eating batteries), and it does not honor daily restrictions, either. Daily restrictions have worked before. The daily restrictions work on my Vera2 at home.

I’ve tried to think of what changed between when it worked and now, but the only change was replacing the kwikset deadbolt on the other door. Since there are two locks acting the same way, I assume the issue is with Vera, and not a failure in both locks. Anyone have suggestions?

I have had this same issue on a single Kwikset with a Veralite controller. It has been a continuous problem since I installed the lock. What happens is lock works great, including restrictions. THEN, I change batteries to make sure they are fresh for a new renter and then only the non-restricted codes work.
I can stress test and perfect 10 of 10. But still they wont work. To fix it, I remove the Veralite from the cabinet and set it on a chair looking right at the Kwikset. I let it sit all night and the next day, the restricted codes work again.

This is ridiculous - that when you change batteries, it takes several hours to get the nonrestricted codes working again. It must take more signal strenth to reload than just doing normal polling.

Is there a way to force it to take place sooner? I have called support on this twice.
I have the latest firmware…just would like to have it fixed…

It isn’t just Kwikset. I have a Schlage deadbolt that does the same thing after the batteries are replaced. Seeing as this thread is over a year old I am not expecting a fix anytime soon…

If you’re up for an experiment, does a [tt]Configure node right now[/tt] restore the schedule right away?