Kwikset contemporary deadbolts - what's on the inside of the door?

Newbie lock buyer here…

Some of the images of Kwikset deadbolts show an inside panel with what looks like a thumbturn, but all the images I’ve seen for the contemporary deadbolts (e.g. don’t show anything for the internal side of the door. I kind of assume that there must be a plate with a lock/unlock mechanism of some kind, but is that right? Also, do I need a separate door handle to actually open the door, or is there something to grab on the internal plate, if there is one?


The kwikset deadbolt has a thumb knob that you can manually turn to lock and unlock the deadbolt. The deadbolt is complete separate from the door handle. Kwikset also makes a lever lock if you are looking for a door handle with a lock that can be controlled via z-wave.

  • Garrett

I found the two following on Amazon showing what the contemporary deadbolt looks like on the inside (look at the additional images under the main one):

The first one is the z-wave version, and has the black plastic “window” for the z-wave radio. The second is not the z-wave version, no black window, and all metal/finished.

It’s a similar (but more square to match the contemporary) design than the other one, show here:

Thanks guys, that’s very helpful - good spot on the picture!