Kwikset 910

I am new to Veralite and want to know if the Kwikset 910 would be a good lock for me to purchase. I also would love someone to let me know if there are any special setup instructions for this lock. I tried installing a garage opener and it has been a super pain having to load various apps and such and would love my next install to go much smoother. Thank you

I have a few 910’s and they work good for me. I got them because I paid less then 100.00 (80.00 I think) for each one (have 4 now) all of them work and do everything you should expect a z-wave lock to do.

BUT, If I were buying new and paying full retail they are not the best out.

The Smartkey is a nice feature, but a youtube video will show you in less then 10sec how to break that (with no damage visible from outside, no hammer, and no lock picking skills) and open the door.

Some complain that kwiksets allow you to set a pin code from the INSIDE with no passcode unlike other locks. So for a rental house or a bad guest (assuming hey know what they are doing) that you have let in to start with can now change the factory pin code without needing anything more then instructions from the inside.

Other complaints are that there is only 5 buttons instead of having a full number key pad. The theory is that it’s easy to guess the code with less buttons or combinations. With the option of 4-8 digit pin codes and 5 buttons it still leaves a ton of different possible combinations that would take someone days to try the thousands of options.

With that said again I’m happy with mine and they all work fine, I don’t use them for rentals and no one has broken into my house (that I know of) yet. So If the price is right get them. If it over 200.00 I would probley look at something different.

I have one of the Kwiqset and one of the Schlage 469.

IMO the Schlage is a much better lock. The batteries seem to last longer, I think it looks a little nicer and from all accounts it is more secure.