Kostal piko 4.2 solar inverter Plug in?

Dear all

Is there anyone out ther? thar have done a plug in for kostal piko 4.2 solar inverter. I realy need this to log my power production in datamine were i already log my power consumption.

Please help me i have not the programming experiense to do a plug in. I have tryed to read about how to do it but i dont understand.

Well according to the quick spec on that inverter, it outputs an HTML interface to display it’s datalogs. If it’s HTML, then surely the code that includes the data itself can be extracted, and put into something else. Maybe try asking in the programming secton?

Now, However. If the inverter’s HTML webpage does not actually use HTML to display the data, and instead uses an image/flash/video to display it’s datalogs, it’s impossible to convert this data into something Vera can use. You should be able to figure out pretty easily what type of info it is.
For example:
If theres any plain text on the page that says something like: “24Hr Production: 48 KWH” Then yes, its using basic HTML and you can probably get that data.
BUT If theres a graph or something on the page, and right clicking it says “save image as” or “flash player settings” or something of the like, you probably ARE NOT going to be able to make that data usable in vera.

Make sense?