KNX and vera

Are there any plans to support KNX/EIB on Vera?


It seems there is still no answer.

I am wondering if interacting with KNX in any of its forms is in the plans.
For instance, talking to a KNX/IP router-like device such that, for instance, using a z-wave sitch could trigger a KNX actuator, or vice-versa.

There’s an EIB module that theoretically works already with Vera, but it takes a lot of effort to polish it so it’s in a releasable state, and first we’ve got several other things to finish. so it may happen, and then Vera would be a nice Z-Wave<->EIB bridge, but it won’t happen soon.

Hi there

I am sitting in a tough situation with a lot of Zwave units and a lot of Merten 506004 4gang transmitters, that should be Zwave compatible, but it seems that they are not.

A workaround for me could be a mix of KNX and Zwave and to control them all with Vera. Is there any progress in this or could somone help out with some Luup programming?

Right know I do not have a working light in my house and I do have aprox 10 Merten 506004 transmitters.

Information and discussion of the issue:

I could sponsor the programming?

Please help

Transfer data Merten to homeseer - HomeSeer Message Board might be of interest.

I want to code a KNX over IP or over rs232 gateway. I don’t need a sponsor I’m just good to go and start coding. My problem is that my understanding of the communication syntax is limited. I’ve done some basic research and found that most rs232 or ip gateways communicate over simple ASCII commands. If someone can get me the exact syntax I can roll out a plugin in just 1 weekend.