Knew that HA04C would come in Handy!

Controlling the new Grundfos Recirculation pump! ;D

can you elaborate

I use it for holiday lights :slight_smile:

Landscaping Low Voltage Lights and Pond Lights for me with the HA04C.

Mistro real simple. The Grundfos pump is a recirculation pump for your water heater. I use to wait 2-3 minutes for hot water. The pump when on will circulate the hotwater so it’s like instant hot water. I used the HA04C to control the on and of times by creating a scene that runs the pump for a period of time.

325 - Thats what it was used for last year.

Oh, I wish I could control a simple electrical kettle :slight_smile:

No problem , I thought you were using it in a more sophisticated manner. Zwave wall plugs that were blown out a homesser for 18 bucks would do the job also.

This one is outdoor - a big advantage over wallplugs

I bought quite a few for around $10 each and use them all over to kill power strips when not in use. I even use one as a poor man’s contact closure trigger to turn my PC on and off. I have 120V relay hooked to the HA04 and when its contacts close, it being wired to my PC power button, kicks the PC on. The weird part is that on my remote I have to turn it on then off, to turn the computer on, but it does have the added advantage of forcing a power off by leaving it in ‘on’ for more than 4 seconds, to get it forced ‘off’'. Love the HA04’s, mainly because I couldn’t find as good a deal on appliance modules or outlets.