Kill the ERGY plugin

Hello all!

As part of my install, I clicked to ENERGY and decided to (without knowing what it did) install the ERGY plugin.

Well, this was bad. I have the Vera Lite, 2 Foscam cameras and a Kwikset lock. Obviously I don’t need to worry about power right now as I have nothing that uses current that can be (i guess) reported back to the Vera.

I want to uninstall ERGY … mostly cos I get this

[tt]Your session has expired. Please try logging in again.[/tt]

every time I attempt to go to the main screen.

There is no info about what it does, nor how it does it. ???

Frustrated. Ideas on how to uninstall it and tell them to delete my “so called free account”?



When you setup ERGY, it will install a plugin. Have you tried removing the plugin?

I had a similar question and that resolved my problem.,9989.msg67737.html#msg67737

The plugin finally appeared so i COULD remove it! :slight_smile:

I had no problems with Ergy on Vera3/UI5, however I note it is no longer in the Mios App Store. Does anyone know the story? I found it very useful.

u get the link to the plugin once you have selected the tab for it in vera UI.
have to make an account on ergy website for it to work.
you can login to
ergy is still working on the plugin and soon will add the greenwave powernodes to the setup as well.
there seem to be a problem with localization. you have to set the location first before install/run the ergy plugin. do this by pressing in Vera UI on the time right-top of the UI above the RELOAD button and fill in the neccesary stuff.

Thx! All good.

This checkbox is broken on the 2nd page of the Ergy registration wizard (Vera 3 GUI):

[  ] Yes I agree to the Ergy terms of use.

Cannot check the box in IE9, Windows 7, fully patched - IE compatibility mode turned on or off. Broken.

If you click “Register” without checking the box, the box disappears completely.

Try using another browser. IE is known to have compatibility issues. And in my opinion an inferior browser.

  • Garrett

in IE9 open a new tab and login here : then go back to the vera UI tab and press F5

I am wondering why the ERGY plugin is proposed by default in the Veralite Energy Tab … for activation

Is there a method to remove completly this ERGY display ?


[quote=“bottrader, post:10, topic:174948”]I am wondering why the ERGY plugin is proposed by default in the Veralite Energy Tab … for activation

Is there a method to remove completly this ERGY display ?

It’s hardwired in, a part of some sort of partnership with the ERGY folks. I asked at one point how I could write a plugin that would substitute the “default” provider, and there was no way to do it.

Note that the last option on the Energy Tab is the “built in” MiOS one, that provides some reasonable history/energy options (albeit, not if you have 22+ channels of energy monitoring as I do).

This is an ok option for working out the basics, and it doesn’t require an account/registration (and the resulting Privacy data being sent to the third party… ie EVERY device in your system, whether power managed or not)

OK guessed , Thank you,

I would like to give a test the Vera native energy monitoring tool but I really do not know how to activate/setup it as I could not fing proper informations in the mios doc … >>

Thanks in advance if you can point to the right direction.,

Under the Energy Tab, there’s a Link titled “Usage”. It’s subtly at the end of the 3x ERGY links on that page.

That link is for what the Doc link refers to as “The Vera native energy monitoring tool”. This is build into MiOS, and the MiOS Servers, that store the energy history of your devices… in a somewhat simple, but workable, manner. It requires Flash, since they use the Flash-only version of the charting library.

you can also find the energy usage here http://vera_ip_address:3480/data_request?id=live_energy_usage perhaps put this in a self-made plugin would be nice.

Not sure why this plugin still exists. Installing it does nothing as the AJAX modal window just spins. Also, looking at the website, it clearly has not been maintained since 2014! Dead product. Can we remove the ‘Energy’ tab from the UI7 please?

Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for expired on 9/28/2014.

Ended up disabling the Ergy sync via crontab.

#04 15 * * * /usr/bin/ #Sync_Ergy

Does anyone know what file to modify to remove the ‘Energy’ tab from UI7?