Kill Ergy!

Or not. I don’t care much

We have added a new tab to our HundredGraphs App. So now you can see the current energy for your devices and whole house right on your Vera.
For now it works only if you have a whole house sensor like Aeotec. However we are working on it and hope to make a better aggregation.

That gives you an idea for what it looks like

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Isn’t the Ergy plug-in long dead now?

I presume it is dead. Still shows on my Vera. So it is like Zombie.

But zombies are technically dead, arent’ they?

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Ergy filled up my Storage to such an extend my Vera would no longer connect. Support removed the ERGY cache and uninstalled the plugin, my device is running again (kudos)

Did they also remove the Energy tab from the GUI? That would be awesome! I use Sense for all of my energy tracking needs.

It is still there. We were offering our service for integration last year, but unfortunately they went other way

Yeah, I want to remove it completed! From the UI7 web interfaces as well. Looks like it is loaded via JS from lighttpd and presented via id=“ui_view_top_menu_energy_energy”. Apart from ripping apart files in /www/cmh/ it would be nice to simply ‘easily remove’ this whole menu option.

I think old Veras going away, that’s why Ezlo doesnt care much. The only way to make it on a client side is to edit js/html files or use some chrome ext to remove the whole block

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