Keypad and dimmer issues

Good morning, I have the following problem, in my office I have 2 lighting circuits and each one has a Nano Dimmer aeotec, I create a scene in Vera where pressing the button 1 of this keypad would light the 2 circuits and turn on the thermostat, it happens that 1 circuit does not turn on when the button is pressed, when I put the scene to rotate straight on the vera page it works normal but when pressing the keypad 1 circuit does not work. Does anyone have any solution to help me ??? Thank you

I believe there is a parameter to turn on instant status for the Nano Dimmers that you need to turn on to make it trigger the scene correctly when pressing the button. What version of the Nano do you have?

VERA version? This last one, the modules are nano dimmers aeotec zw111 in the latest version too.

Apparently the real problem was communication, my vera was too far away, I put it close and everything worked normally.