Keene Electronics RS-232 - Anyone Controlling it via Vera?


I’ve just picked up one of the Keene Electronics RS-232 HA Control device - but it’s not clear how to use with Vera. (

Is anyone using this device with Vera or perhaps can advise how you would use it.?

I know how to create udp commands via Vera, but I’m just not sure of the format/structure so wanted to see if anyone has any working examples they could share ?

Never used these Keene IR Anywhere devices before, but there looks to be a plugin for them. Don’t know if it still works?


Hey @cw-kid

Thanks, yeah I have that plug-in already / but it looks like it’s just for the infrared modules from Keene.

I’m making an assumption that the IR process and the RS-232 commands are going to be different

The KiraRT plugin is for a Keene module using IR over IP (not RS232). I use one to grab the IR code from a Harmony remote and transfer it to my Vera in order to trigger scenes.

Looks a bit like the Keene website is not working to well but this link seems OK: keene electronics And it looks like you can get the software HERE. Would probably be a good idea to grab it, while it’s still there.

Reading through the info, it looks like the RS232 port is an optional extra - it can be disabled. Just try out the ip port with the Kira plugin. I can’t see that they would change much around - software wise.

Thanks @a-lurker

Looking at the RS-232 page I’m not sure I understand what this is saying ?

If I wanted the module to send and receive commands - if it needs to be used as either a client or a server - does that mean it can’t do both at the same time ? it’s one or the other ?

First; do you want to connect to your automation system via RS232 or IP? I would have thought the latter. Just disable the RS232 port (probably need to use their software to do this). Then connect it up via IP.

Re: the server/client arrangements. I see no reason why both arrangements cannot support bidirectional IR. The doco is not particularly clear but it looks like when the Keene box is a client then anything communicating with it needs to know its IP address. If the Keene box is acting as server it probably connects to clients by the clients sending a UDP broadcast message and the Keene box responding with where it is. I don’t think this has anything to do with the RS232 whatsoever.

Looks like the Kira plugin wants a ip address specified, so the Keene box needs to be in client mode.

This is all just guesswork on my part, so please note; I may be supplying inaccurate information.

What ever happened to RexBeckett? He would know more about this.