Just Ordered Honeywell Intrusion TH6320ZW2003 Thermostat

Anyone else have experience with these and VeraPlus?

Any tips or issues?

I’ve had one in use for about 4 years. I had to add it as a generic z-wave device. I sent an email about some of my concerns about this device and the response (back in 2018) was that they already had a request to add this device and it would show up in the next release. Sadly that hasn’t happened yet!
The thermostat works fine and you can control it thru Vera without problems. The only complaint I have about the thermostat itself is that it doesn’t have a way of displaying the outside temperature - assuming you have an outdoor sensor.
BTW I don’t know the difference between the Intrusion model and the one I have. They seem to have the same model number. It may be only a difference in the firmware.

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Just to confirm, could you please let us know if you mean that the thermostat physically can’t display the outside temperature as a feature that it doesn’t have or if Vera is unable to display the outside temperature?

Additionally, if you have any issues regarding the functionality of the thermostat itself, would be highly appreciated if you can let us know.

I don’t believe the thermostat has the ability to display the outside temperature. I don’t know if this Intrusion model is any different.

Here is the text of an email and response from Dec 2018:

Subject: Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat

DEC 03, 2018 | 02:57PM PST
Radu replied:
Hello Tom,
Thank you for contacting Vera Home Control.
Please know that there is already a request for integrating this device and I also have linked the case to it hoping we will have an answer faster. If the request will be accepted and implemented, you will be able to see it added on the release notes page linked below in a future firmware release.
Thank you.

Radu ▾ Customer Care Advocate
Vera Control, Ltd. ▾ Smarter Home Control
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DEC 03, 2018 | 05:50AM PST
Original message
Tom wrote:
This is a request that Vera properly support this thermostat. I’ve purchased
one of these and it works well for controlling my heat pump/oil heat HVAC.
However it’s not really fully supported in Vera. I had to add it as a
generic zwave device. It’s recognized as a Honeywell thermostat but I don’t
think Vera properly supports the command class versions implemented by this
thermostat. My main complaint is that the UI doesn’t support the selection
of Emergency Heat. It also displays ‘heating’ when it’s actually in
emergency heat state. Even the variable names in the device variables tab
are confusing:

  1. ModeStatus - this seems to be the mode setting, which I think relates to
    the COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_MODE. In the Z-wave spec this is called the
    Thermostat Mode
  2. ModeState - this is actually the current operating state;
  3. Mode - This appears to be the fan operating mode setting.

The variable names confuse the difference between mode settings and
operating state. I don’t think there is a variable that shows the fan
operating state. My goal in replacing my existing Honeywell programmable
thermostat with a z-wave model was so that I can monitor when my heater is
using the heat pump vs when it switches to oil backup and how long it is in
each state. I can’t actually do that. This thermostat also has an external
temperature sensor which it uses to determine when to switch to emergency
heat. The current Vera interface reports the internal temperature but not
the external temperature.

As Honeywell is one of your certified partners I hope you’ll do what is
necessary to support this device.



This message was sent in reference to Case #: 341091.
Follow this link to view the status of your case and add additional comments:

Seems 2018 was before the changing of the guard. Maybe the Ezlo People can do something better about it!

happy to get this integrated to work fully (as much as the device will allow us to) into Ezlo ecosystem…

If you could pls open a ticket for integration request, our guys will jump on it.

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Can you please post the link to open a ticket? This is VeraPlus BTW.

The request is completed. ECS-1033

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I found it!

Ticket number is 276825

What does this mean?

This is the system we use to take requests from our users and here is how it looks. Helps tracking requests.

you can go there by clicking here

Hi @tinman we received the integration request and the integration will be done with EZLO controllers. We already started working on it. We will let you know when the integration is complete.


So it seems that I’m being forced to upgrade my controller to support this device? This and lack of support for Harmony Hub, Chamberlain MyQ, Pentair IntelliCenter to name a few may make me make the move to start using the HomeSEER I already got on on a smokin’ deal a few months ago… HS 4 Pro for Windows and the Z-Wave Stick for $100.

Unless there’s a real compelling reason to continue with Ezlo, it may be time to make the switch because I just moved and none of my Home Automation is even set up yet.

if you want to download a hub for free, then Ezlo provides it.
we have two different versions, and one has full blown CCTV + AI all built in.

MyQ: its a cloud integration…should be coming…
Pentair: happy to get it working…(need to schedule it in)
Harmony hub: difficult one…its discontinued product but we do have users who want it.

Will It work with this?

And can I port my current MiOS controller settings over?

currently works with these (on the website link Ezlo SoftHub - Ezlo Smart Home )

We have to test to see if these others ones will work or not… but our intention is to continually grow the platform.

How does the soft hub talk to Z-Wave Devices?

Not a fan at all of much cloud stuff. I appreciate remote access but always want local control and storage.

You can buy any one of these Zwave sticks, plug it in USB port, done!

This is all local…(not cloud).
Btw: CCTV+AI version stores all your content locally and AI runs locally on your Computer. We had to do a lot of tweaking on the algorithms to take advantage of whatever is available as CPU/GPU on the computer, all because we want to run it all locally.

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