Just lost a dozen, or so, devices from Vera 2 running UI5

I noticed this morning there were lights not coming on as they should. Checked UI5 and all but 4 devices have just disappeared from the Vera!

Has anyone else experienced this?
Other than wandering around with the Vera2 on a battery and re-installing all that is missing, is there another solution?

Finally, what might have caused this?

Scratching my head!


Might have been a corrupted zwave database. What version of UI5 are you on? I have had this happen to my fathers unit (Vera 2) once. Just did a restore of a good last known backup and all was well afterwards.

  • Garrett

The system tells me I’m running the latest firmware: 1.5.408

This was pulled from the “Firmware” tab in UI5. Is this the UI version?

Yes, did you have any type of power issues?

  • Garrett

The last power issue we had was a pair of brief outages about 3 weeks ago, but the Vera appeared to come back from those. I’m wondering if there was a very recent upgrade that might have caused this?

1.5.408 has been out for many months now.

  • Garrett

I guess it’s time to try a restore from a previous backup?

If you have not already added your devices back, than you can do a restore to save you the trouble.

  • Garrett

If the Zwave DB did get a bit corrupted, then you may have to restore that at the same time as the backup by checking the “Restore Z-Wave network” box also.

The 4 that are left, are they Z-Wave devices?