Just a little guidance building an expression

I’m installing two Linear garage door controllers and here is what I would like to do. When either of the doors is opened and then closed again within 1 minute then the condition should fire true. Typical usage would be when me or my wife arrive home via car (say after work) we open the garage door via the button in the car, enter the garage and then close the door behind us. What I would like to do when exactly that scenario takes place is to fire an action that would unlock to door from the garage to the house.

If the door opens but does NOT close within that 1 minute time the condition should never go true. Any help with the logic would be great, please don’t tell me exactly what to build because I’m trying hard to actually learn this stuff, just give me a hint or two.

Many thanks…!

A Key part of the logic is going to be the Sequence expression.

As you said you want to detect the Door Opening and then Closing within one minute:

OpenAndClosed DoorClosed && (!DoorClosed; DoorClose < 1:00)

This will be true if the Door is closed and it was closed after being opened within the minute before it was closed.

Thanks Richard, I actually think I understand this…off to try.